Designer Chest of Drawers


An elegant, timeless coin chest you will want to pass on to future generations

Many immigrants came to America with treasures.  Imagine being able to see the culture and heritage of a country from the comfort of your own home simply by coin collecting!   These sophisticated, yet unassuming chests are handcrafted with solid hinges and a stainless steel lock.

These Designer Coin Chests are hand crafted and customizable with various tray options to organize whatever coin you collect.  The high-gloss, black piano lacquer finish and silver fittings will be the envy of your friends.  The drawers are lined in royal blue, archival velvet and will protect your coins for generations to come.


Drawers for Designer Chests

Drawers for Designer Chests

Below is our selection of Single, Double & Triple Drawers available to fit the Designer Chest of Drawers and Stackable Chest of Drawers. You can put any combination of 6 single drawers into the Chest.  O...

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Designer Chest with your Choice of 6 Drawers

Designer Chest with your Choice of 6 Drawers

Customize to fit your collection

6590SP - Out of Stock

Stackable Designer Chest

Stackable Designer Chest

Now available in a stackable version!

(6591) Price: $84.95

New from SAFE - This designer chest for your best collection!

These Designer Coin Chests are customizable with various tray options to organize whatever coin you collect.  Choose your own personal combination of drawers.

  • Hand-Crafted Furniture with high-gloss, black piano lacquer finish.
  • With high quality, silver fittings and hinges. The cabinet is lockable.
  • Each cabinet holds 6 drawers of your choice - imagine the possibilities.Designer Chest in Closed Position
  • The drawers are also in black piano lacquer finishand fitted with royal blue inserts.
  • Frton panel folds down for access to drawers
  • The top level of the wood chest is formed as a velvet-covered storage compartment for larger collectibles, magnifiers or other tools.

External dimensions: 370 x 288 x 160 mm. (14-3/4" x 11-1/2" by 7-1/4"H Closed)

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